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Our customer was embarking on a complete renovation of his 1920s bungalow when he contacted Kitchen Mania. The previous kitchen was a 90's era L shaped kitchen that lacked flow and functionality. Our customer was having real difficulty figuring out a more user-friendly design for the space, even after consulting many family and friends for advice and ideas. Our talented designer, Mark reconfigured the kitchen to create a space that flows well, has great functionality and more usable bench space. He created a kitchen that has become the heart of the living space and is sympathetic to the character of the home. We were able to incorporate wood paneling into the bar back, a request from the owner that we think looks beautiful. We cleaned up the pantry and laundry area, creating more storage and functionality and we love our customer's addition of painted wood paneling in the laundry, that ties in nicely with other parts of the home.

Kitchen Mania's reputation preceded them, I knew I would be looked after and could trust them to produce a fine product. Mark helped bring my designer kitchen dreams to reality whilst being sympathetic to the character of a 20's bungalow. I am very proud to have a beautiful Kitchen Mania kitchen.


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