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Have you ever wondered how you'll possibly be able to visualise your new kitchen design in your home? How you'll ever be able to choose what colours work together from small sample swatches? We'll help you with that!

At Kitchen Mania we use state of the art design software and can provide you with photo realistic 3D renders of your future kitchen to help with those big decisions!

For our Clients Amanda and Andrew, the 3D photo realistic rendering was an important tool for making decisions around the layout and colour palette of their new kitchen. The kitchen was part of an extension to their home and we worked from plans to come up with a design that suited their family's wants and needs. Amanda and Andrew wanted a kitchen that was big, had plenty of storage and bench space and was perfect for entertaining in. It needed to be bold and have pops of colour throughout. This is what we came up with!

Blog render

Photo realistic render of the kitchen design

UMO 6084

Photograph of the finished kitchen

For this kitchen, our regular clients Alice and Caleb wanted to step out of their comfort zone, choose a fresh colour palette and venture into a design style they never had before. They gathered the confidence to step away from their norm through a detailed showroom consultation, and the ability to visualise their colour choices and design in photo realistic 3D renders of their kitchen.

Render 1

Photo realistic render of the kitchen design

Pearson and Projects Relocatable Reno Kitchen Project 19

Photograph of the finished kitchen

 We find that presenting our clients the design of their new kitchen in a way that allows them to really visualise the kitchen in their home is invaluable. 

For more information about how we can help you with the design of your dream kitchen please contact us today!